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Getting started with your Loogun (video)


There are a few important things to know about your Loogun. Instead of a long post, I've created a video to get you familiar with your device. Please do watch it as it's likely to be quite helpful.

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Loogun featured in The Huffington Post


Personally this one is really exciting for me personally as I'm a huge fan of The Huffington Post.

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Loogun in the Daily Mail


It's one of those tiresome (and less than hygienic) chores - getting out the loo brush and scrubbing the toilet bowl.

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Loogun makes it into the Metro ‘Lust List’


Donning the marigolds to give your porcelain throne a scrub is a horrible job but someone's got to do it.

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Loogun featured in the Mirror


"With most Brits owning the necessary evil that is a toilet brush it's not surprising that almost a quarter say it is the most unhygienic thing in their home."

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Woman’s Own magazine says the Loogun is genius!


It's a busy month for Loogun and the press. We've appeared in both the Woman's Own and Viva Lifestyle Magazines this month, with Woman's Own saying the Loogun is genius.

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Our TrueStart cohort has officially ended


In October last year we joined the TrueStart retail accelerator to prepare for launch and to broaden our retail network. The cohort runs for 6 months and the time has flown by.

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Loogun Production Update


It's been a little while since our last update and a lot has been going on with finalising our manufacturing.

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Fulfilling a Kickstarter project


I received a comment on Kickstarter recently saying that it's unfair to fulfil backer rewards to UK backers from the UK, and to the rest of Europe from Hong Kong.

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A first look at our packaging


I thought I’d write a quick post about our packaging, firstly so you can get an early peek at what it looks like, but also because we see it as a work in progress and would love some feedback on how we could improve it.

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Loogun called ‘the Dyson of loo brushes’ by Retail Week


As part of an article on TrueStart, Loogun was featured in Retail Week, calling us the ‘the Dyson of loo brushes’.

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How to find your Kickstarter address survey form


If you backed us on Kickstarter and can't find your address survey form, follow these instructions in your Kickstarter account.

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Loogun November 2015 update


A general update on the last 2 months. We're looking at a slight delay due to our certification standards but it shouldn't be more than 2 to 3 weeks in total.

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Our experience in the TrueStart retail accelerator


I was interviewed by TrueStart today for a video they are producing about our experience in the accelerator so far.

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A sculptural and totally brilliant toilet roll holder


I love simple, clean, modern design. Lying on the grass staring up at the clouds is also calming and a great way to clear the mind.

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The reasons we chose to use AA batteries


We have received a few comments over the last few months enquiring about why we chose to use AA batteries over an integrated Lithium-ion battery. I thought it would be worth writing a post about this to outline our thinking and where we see this heading.

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Loogun featured on Mental Floss


In a nice review on Mental Floss, the Loogun was aptly described as "declaring a long-overdue war on the humble toilet brush".

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Loogun joins the TrueStart retail accelerator


We're super excited about joining the TrueStart retail accelerator. We think they're going to be an enormous help when it comes time to pitch to retailers, and having the support and backing from a team of highly focused individuals with strong retail experience will help us tremendously over the coming months.

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Keeping medicines and poisons away from children


There are all sorts of drugs, medications and household chemicals that are sold in child-resistant packaging or containers to reduce the risk of children ingesting dangerous items. In the UK alone, around 500 children under 5 are admitted to hospitals after swallowing a poisonous substance. The interesting thing is that very few, if any, of these containers, are actually very effective.

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The world’s most beautiful toilet brush


Who would've thought I'd ever write a title quite as complimentary as that, given my absolute disdain for toilet brushes, and the fact that I will never ever buy a brush for as long as I live.

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