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Loogun joins the TrueStart retail accelerator


We're super excited about joining the TrueStart retail accelerator. We think they're going to be an enormous help when it comes time to pitch to retailers, and having the support and backing from a team of highly focused individuals with strong retail experience will help us tremendously over the coming months.

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Our trip to China to start tooling


Neil and I spent the last week of September in China to finalise contracts with the factory and to kick off tooling. We're happy to report that tooling is now under way and everything is on track.

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Mum catches toddler drinking water from the toilet brush holder


Over the last few weeks we've heard some pretty crazy stories about parents, toddlers and toilet brushes. There's nothing quite like Facebook to unearth all the funny, and cringeworthy, stories the little nippers get up to.

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The Loogun is live on Kickstarter


Our Kickstarter campaign has been brought forward due to some unexpected press coverage and is now live.

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We’re patent pending in 29 countries


We haven't been able to show off the Loogun publicly for what seems like forever as we were in the process of preparing our patent applications. These have all been filed now and we have utility and design patent applications submitted in 29 countries.

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Hello world, meet the Loogun!


After nearly 2 years in design and engineering, we are excited to show you the Loogun. Our goal is really quite simple: replace every single toilet brush on planet earth with a Loogun. That's the 10 year plan so we won't be sleeping much over the next decade.

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