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This is the promotional press bit. Being featured in the media is humbling and always makes our day. We'll feature these here when we spot new media stories featuring the Loogun.

Loogun in Real Homes Magazine


Loogun is featured in the November Real Homes Magazine

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Loogun featured in the Chiswick Herald


The Chiswick Herald magazine this month features an article titled 'Pimp up your cleaning routine' in which they discuss the latest in posh cleaning products and how cleaning is a lot more fun with the right products.

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Loogun reviewed by Good Housekeeping


Having one's product reviewed by Good Housekeeping isn't an easy task, so we're chuffed to see it published this week.

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Loogun featured in The Huffington Post


Personally this one is really exciting for me personally as I'm a huge fan of The Huffington Post.

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Loogun in the Daily Mail


It's one of those tiresome (and less than hygienic) chores - getting out the loo brush and scrubbing the toilet bowl.

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Loogun makes it into the Metro ‘Lust List’


Donning the marigolds to give your porcelain throne a scrub is a horrible job but someone's got to do it.

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Loogun featured in the Mirror


"With most Brits owning the necessary evil that is a toilet brush it's not surprising that almost a quarter say it is the most unhygienic thing in their home."

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Woman’s Own magazine says the Loogun is genius!


It's a busy month for Loogun and the press. We've appeared in both the Woman's Own and Viva Lifestyle Magazines this month, with Woman's Own saying the Loogun is genius.

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Loogun called ‘the Dyson of loo brushes’ by Retail Week


As part of an article on TrueStart, Loogun was featured in Retail Week, calling us the ‘the Dyson of loo brushes’.

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Loogun featured on Mental Floss


In a nice review on Mental Floss, the Loogun was aptly described as "declaring a long-overdue war on the humble toilet brush".

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Madmoizelle.com: “Loogun is the toilet brush of the future”


Madmoizelle.com: "Loogun is the toilet brush of the future"

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Loogun is a cleaner, more hygienic alternative to the bog brush


It looks more like a classy vase or sculpture than a toilet brush

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Shoot your toilet clean with the Loogun toilet gun


Loogun wants to clean up toilet cleaning with what boils down to a high-powered squirt gun you shoot into the john.

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Loogun: hygiëne in het toilet


Loogun: hygiëne in het toilet

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Geekmag: “Loogun toilet gun looks like a cool raygun”


Geekmag: "Loogun toilet gun looks like a cool raygun"

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‘Loogun’ uses a water jet to make toilet cleaning less crappy


We'd agree that a toilet brush is gross and unhygienic, but many (though certainly not all) folks may feel that £27 is a bit much for a fancy poo-cleaner.

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Brush aside: The Loogun provides an easier way to clean dirty toilets


The Loogun toilet brush sprays a powerful water jet into the toilet to remove all marks and grime.

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