An invention that finally rids us of the horrid toilet brush

Loogun - The contactless way to clean your toilet

Cited as the most unhygienic product in the home by more than a quarter of Brits (26%), the toilet brush has been a necessary evil for over 70 years. With 80% of the population owning one and 72% having one in every toilet and bathroom, the invention of Loogun is set to radically revolutionise how we clean our toilets. 

Loogun is a hand-held motorised device that sprays a powerful jet of clean water into the toilet to clean stubborn marks from above and below the water line. It’s entirely contactless making it super hygienic, child-safe and chemical free.

Toilet brushes are a contentious issue amongst us Brits yet nearly a quarter of us (24%) are not able to recall ever changing the brush in our homes and 36% concede to only changing their toilet brush between 1-5 years. It’s no different when we’re out and about, with one in five (20%) cringing when having to use a dirty toilet brush in an office, public toilet or hotel. Visiting a friend’s house is only mildly better with one in ten (10%) admitting to being appalled by the state of their toilet brush and 5% being embarrassed by the condition of their own toilet brush when guests visit (rising to 10% amongst the 18-34 year olds).

Parents in particular are reluctant toilet brush owners, with 6% of British adults having caught a child playing with a toilet brush. This increases to 14% for those in the London region – more than other region in the UK.

Calan Horsman, the inventor of Loogun, set out to ban the bog brush for good when he stumbled upon his two-year-old niece innocently chewing on one. He explains “I couldn’t understand how everything in our homes was being updated using modern design and technology, yet we still relied on an antiquated and unhygienic brush that’s covered in poo, drips on the floor, and contains toxic chemicals. I thought that using water would make more sense and provide a user-friendly solution so set about creating the Loogun”.

There is nothing on the market like Loogun. Designed with a precision-engineered, splash-free jet of water, the device never comes into contact with the toilet. No dirty bristles to contend with or wasteful and expensive pads and no brush holder with dirty water festering or drips on the toilet seat and floor. Instead, Loogun is an elegant, ergonomic product that would look good in any bathroom or toilet. 

Loogun is also cleaner for the environment reducing landfill and free from chemicals. It is entirely child-friendly and requires no installation. It uses 4 rechargeable AA batteries which last for approximately nine months if used once a day and the detachable reservoir, which can easily be filled under any tap, holds 300ml of clean water, enough for around six uses.

Kickstarter campaign

The Loogun team spent three years designing and engineering the product and raised £50k through a successful Kickstarter campaign last July to help fund production costs. The product resonated strongly with parents and many of its 1,138 backers were mums. Unsurprisingly, catching your toddler holding a toilet brush is a parent’s worst nightmare so the promise of a product that alleviated that worry was in high demand. Some disturbing stories of their children’s exploits were shared on Facebook parenting groups – from a boy who tried to brush his teeth with a toilet brush, to one found drinking the fluid in the toilet brush holder, leaving mum “emotionally scarred ever since”.

Loogun is priced £34.99 and is available from


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Note to Editors

Research conducted by Opinium Research between 13th-16th May 2016 amongst 2,002 UK adults reflecting a nationally representative audience.


Based in London, founders Calan Horsman and Henry Chamberlain are part of a team of five experienced engineers and product designers. The team has utility and design patents pending in 29 countries. Loogun launched on Kickstarter on 4th July 2015 and starts shipping to backers in June 2016.