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What women want for Christmas this year

If you're looking for a gift for a special woman this year, here's the lowdown on what women want most for Christmas 2016

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The gifts mothers cherish most

It's often quite difficult to find a really special or meaningful gift for those close to you. This list should provide a little inspiration leading into the festive season.

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A study on toys, games and activities for children of each age group - tips from 1,500 mums

We asked 1,515 mums to tell us which toys, games and activities their children play with most, and which have had the biggest impact on their development.

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Toys children play with most at different ages - tips from 1,500 mums

As part of research into toys and gifts for children based on real data, we asked 1,500 parents to tell us which toys their children play with most.

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What kids want for Christmas this year - UK mums’ survey

We asked 1,515 UK parents to tell us what their children want for Christmas this year.

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Childrens’ favourite activities and games - from 1,500 UK mums

This post is part of a series based on research into the toys, games, activities and gifts for children. We asked 1,515 parents to tell use their child's favourite games and activities at different ages.

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Top toys and games for child development - from 1,500 mums

We asked 1,515 British mums to tell us which toys and games have had the biggest impact on their child’s development in each age group

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Keeping medicines and poisons away from children

There are all sorts of drugs, medications and household chemicals that are sold in child-resistant packaging or containers to reduce the risk of children ingesting dangerous items. In the UK alone, around 500 children under 5 are admitted to hospitals after swallowing a poisonous substance. The interesting thing is that very few, if any, of these containers, are actually very effective.

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