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This is the fun stuff. Our mission is to innovate in the bathroom space, and along the way we constantly meet or discover other innovative products. In this section of our blog we'll highlight products that we think are truly unique and totally awesome.

IXXI, a wall collage for photos, art or graphics

We'd been looking for a nice way to display a collection of family photos on our walls for some time. We've previously used a combination of frames but for some reason we never really manage to it in a way that looks particularly nice, so we thought we'd try an IXXI.

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Beeline, a bicycle compass that’s more fun than a GPS

The Beeline is an innovative new device that mounts to your bicycle handlebars and guides you to your destination.

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A sculptural and totally brilliant toilet roll holder

I love simple, clean, modern design. Lying on the grass staring up at the clouds is also calming and a great way to clear the mind.

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The world’s most beautiful toilet brush

Who would've thought I'd ever write a title quite as complimentary as that, given my absolute disdain for toilet brushes, and the fact that I will never ever buy a brush for as long as I live.

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A toilet brush with blades instead of bristles

There's a new project running on Kickstarter, called the Looblade, that uses an 8 blade silicone head instead of the standard toilet brush bristle design, and it's a definite improvement over a brush.

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