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This is where you'll find tips and tricks for using your Loogun. We'll post ideas and thoughts for getting the most out of your Loogun along with tips shared by customers.

Clear limescale using distilled white vinegar

Run distilled vinegar through your Loogun to remove limescale buildup and get your Loogun working beautifully again

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A short demo video and video review of the Loogun

When people first hear about the Loogun, they find it difficult to believe that a spray of water will clean marks below water. Here's a short demo video to show the Loogun in action.

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Batteries for your Loogun - The good, the average, and the simply terrible

The Loogun requires high quality batteries. You'll be surprised how many good brands are really not great in high-drain devices. Here's a list of the best and worst for use in your Loogun

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Getting started with your Loogun (video)

There are a few important things to know about your Loogun. Instead of a long post, I've created a video to get you familiar with your device. Please do watch it as it's likely to be quite helpful.

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