14 October 2021 by Calan

There's a new project running on Kickstarter, called the Looblade, that uses an 8 blade silicone head instead of the standard toilet brush bristle design, and it's a definite improvement over a brush.

While I'm never going to be a fan of any device that touches poo and then gets put back next to your toilet, I have to admit it's a solid step up from a normal toilet brush.

There's no real demo to view, and I can't blame them for that as we have similar challenges on that front, but the device will apparently be much easier to clean and the hydrophobic coating means it will drip less than a toilet brush.

I still wouldn't want my toddler playing with one after it's been in the toilet, but it does look like a decent option for your weekly clean.

Good luck to the Looblade team for your Kickstarter campaign and product launch.