08 July 2021 by Calan

I posted a video yesterday about getting started with your Loogun. In the video I mention the need to use high quality batteries which is fundamental in getting good power from your Loogun.

Please note that not all batteries from good manufacturers are good enough for use in high-drain devices, and this includes brands from Energizer and Duracell. Some simply won't give you enough power. Before you head off to find your batteries, please take a look through the list below. The batteries are ranked in order of best to worst when tested in high-drain devices.

Please, please, please don't use anything from the not recommended list as they simply won't be powerful enough.

Note on rechargeable batteries: All versions of rechargeable batteries are sold in different strengths, yet their names are very similar (see not recommended list). The ones we recommend are very powerful, can be recharged over and over, and are much friendlier to the planet than alkaline batteries. Make sure you check the mAh of the batteries you're buying and that it's at least 2300.

Battery rankings for high-drain devices

Recommended Batteries

Ranking Battery Name Quality
1 Panasonic Eneloop Pro - Black (2500 mAh) Incredible (Rechargeable)
2 Duracell Recharge Ultra (2500 mAh) Incredible (Rechargeable)
3 Energizer Recharge Precision AA (2400 mAh) Incredible (Rechargeable)
4 Energizer Recharge Extreme (2300 mAh) Incredible (Rechargeable)
5 Energizer Ultimate Lithium Incredible
6 VARTA Professional Lithium Incredible
7 VARTA High Energy Alkaline Very Good
8 Energizer Industrial Very Good
9 Energizer HIGHTECH Very Good
10 GP Ultra Very Good
11 Superdrug Longer Life Very Good
12 TIGER Super Very Good
13 Duracell Plus Power Decent
14 Ikea Alkalisk Decent
15 Asda Long Life Super Alkaline Decent
16 Morrisons Extra Long Life Decent
17 ReadyCell Decent
18 Toshiba Super Alkaline Decent
19 Tesco Extra Long Life Decent
20 WHSmith Extra Long Life Decent
21 Panasonic Pro Power Decent
22 Maplin Extra Long Life Decent


Not Recommended

Battery Name Quality
Panasonic Eneloop White or Multi-coloured (1,900 mAh) Too Weak
Panasonic Eneloop Lite - Light Blue (950mAh) Too Weak
Energizer Recharge Power Plus (2000 mAh) Too Weak
Energizer Recharge Universal (1400 mAh) Too Weak
Duracell Recharge Plus (1300 mAh) Too Weak
Kodak Xtralife Not Good
Sanyo Advanced Alkaline Not Good
Duracell Simply Not Good
Daewoo Super Alkaline Not Good
Duracell PROCELL Not Good
M&S Extra Long Life Not Good
Energizer Ultra + Not Good
Panasonic Alkaline Power Not Good
Duracell Standard Not Good
PowerCell Ultra Not Good
Duracell Ultra Power Poor
Energizer Standard Poor
Sainsburys Extra Long Life Poor
Sony Alkaline Horrible
Panasonic EVOLTA Borderline Horrendous
Tesco Value Horrendous
Panasonic Zinc Horrendous
VARTA Superlife Horrendous
Morrisons Savers Horrendous
Asda Smart Price Horrendous
JCB Horrendous