17 November 2021 by Calan

A few days ago someone returned a Loogun to us as it had suddenly stopped working. It turns out she lives in an area with particularly hard water and the nozzle was blocked with a little limescale buildup, causing it to not spray.

As many of you will know, distilled white vinegar is incredible at removing limescale. On that note, if you'd like to remove limescale from your toilet, soaking toilet paper in vinegar and applying it to your toilet for an hour will completely remove any limescale stains.

Back to the Loogun though, distilled vinegar is super cheap and great at cleaning out the tubing and nozzle in your Loogun. Simply fill the reservoir with vinegar and run it through your device. When halfway through the reservoir, leave it to stand for 10 minutes to let the vinegar clear the tubing completely and then run the rest through. Once done, fill it with water and run some water through to remove the vinegar smell.

Your Loogun should now be as good as new again.