08 July 2021 by Calan

After more than 2 years of working on the Loogun, we are finally shipping them around the world, to 52 countries and counting as of writing this.

There are a few important things to know about your Loogun. Instead of a long post, I've created a video to get you familiar with your device. Please do watch it as it's likely to be quite helpful.

If you can't watch the video, the most important points are:

  • Use really high quality batteries selected from the list of recommended batteries - if you use poor quality batteries, you'll get a weak spray that won't clean properly
  • Don't force the reservoir into the device. Put it in the the right way round (straight edge first) and it'll click in smoothly without effort
  • If you experience any problems such as leaking or a weak spray, don't panic, we're sending out a new improved seal that will fix the problem

We're aware that a small number of Looguns in this batch are leaking when resting in the stand. This is a minor issue caused by a faulty seal. If you experience leaking or a weak spray, please email us at support@loogun.com and we'll reply immediately. We're shipping a new seal to everyone so give us a week to get one out to you. A drop of water in the stand from the nozzle is normal, but a puddle is not. Also, give your Loogun a little wiggle after use to ensure there isn't a drop left in the nozzle.

It'll take a few days for you to become a pro, just persist. Remember to not hold the device too high above the rim - gravity becomes the enemy if you involve too much height.

That's all from me. We all really hope you love your Looguns and if you have any problems at all, please email our support team and we'll be happy to help. Thank you so much for supporting us and for being so patient through the delays.