01 December 2021 by Calan

Hi Kickstarter backers,

We sent our address survey out today and quite a few people have emailed us as they haven't received the email and can't find the survey online. This post describes how to find your address survey in your Kickstarter account so that you can send us your address.

I've added screenshots to make it super easy to relate to what I'm talking about.

First, log into your Kickstarter account. Then, click on 'Me' (or your photo) in the top right corner as shown in the image below.

From the layer that appears, click 'backed projects' as per below.

Then, find the Loogun in the list of projects you've backed. Click it as below to open the project pop-up.

With the project pop-up open, you should be able to find your survey as below. This will let you add your address, and you log back in any time over the next month and a half to change it if you need to.

We'll email you a week before we need to lock address changes so that you have time to make any final change.

That's it. If you have any problems at all, please email us or send us a message through the Kickstarter platform.

Have a great week.