30 June 2021 by Calan

The Loogun was featured on the super popular Engadget blog today, in an article written by Steve Dent.

"Not all of us can afford $6,000 for a self-cleaning toilet, so scrubbing one usually revolves around a yucky toilet brush. However, a product coming to Kickstarter may make the chore marginally more pleasant. Called Loogun, it's like a big dental WaterPik for your toilet that cleans with a narrow stream of water. The cordless, handheld device has a reservoir you fill with fresh water from time to time, and runs on four AA batteries that last nine months. With a powerful stream, it can blast detritus from your bowl, even below water level, according to the team behind it. It's also child-safe, since it won't spray when it's pointed up (and prevents toddlers from trying to snack on a regular toilet brush, of course)."