For 100 years we've cleaned the toilet with a brush. Isn't it time for a change?


The Loogun is different

A device so hygienic your toddler can play with it. Beautifully designed to suit any bathroom, the Loogun® is a hand-held motorised device that sprays a powerful jet of water into the toilet to clean stubborn marks off submerged surfaces with ease. It never touches the toilet so the device stays beautifully hygienic and pleasant to use.

Welcome to Loogun 2.0

Redesigned from the ground up, the Loogun 2.0 uses air pressure in place of gears, making it whisper quiet. The integrated reservoir holds twice as much water and requires fewer refills. And with a more powerful motor, it cleans faster and better than ever before.

Cleaner for your home

The Loogun cleans above and below the waterline in a toilet using a splash-free jet of water. It replaces the daily cleaning of stubborn marks, making toilet cleaning a pleasant experience and keeping the bathroom beautifully hygienic.

Cleaner for your family

Rid your bathroom of a filthy brush. The Loogun never touches the toilet, doesn't drip, and is safe for children. The reservoir holds enough water for around 6 uses and can be refilled under any tap.

Cleaner for the environment

The Loogun uses clean water and, unlike a brush, doesn't need replacing every few months. A quick spray clears dirty marks, keeping your toilet and bathroom perfectly hygienic.


Never touches the toilet and doesn't drip


Hold above the rim and press to spray


The pressurised jet won't splash even in deep toilets


Never catch your toddler with a toilet brush again


Water reservoir lasts 6 uses and can be filled under any tap


4 x AA batteries (+ rechargeable) last ~9 months

12 month warranty & 30 day returns

We've shipped Looguns all around the world — If you don’t love yours, we’ll take it back and give you a full refund.


No hands in the toilet

"What a brilliant idea! Clean toilet, clean hands so this wins hands down every time. Well worth the anticipation; the Loogun is one of those things you wonder how you managed without." Helen, UK

An elegantly designed solution

"A good product that really does deal with sticky poo on loos hygienically. Can be used to deal with kids' pottys and commode pots. I use Loogun everyday and I love it!" Rhona, UK

Great addition to the bathroom

"The Loogun is a brilliant solution to cleaning. It's eco friendly as you can throw away bleach and harsh chemicals. The power of the Loogun with just water keeps everything clean" Neil, UK

Excellent product

"The Loogun is great. Looks good and works well. It is hard to believe that it can totally replace a brush but for me it has. Jet works well through water. Was a bit louder than I expected but that is ok for the fact that it works well. Easy to refill too." Adam, UK

The 21st century toilet brush

"The loogun is such a great improvement over daily use of a toilet brush, I was pleasantly surprised at how effective it is. It is especially handy for our teenage children. The Loogun doesn't completely eliminate the need for a toilet brush, but we find we need it once or twice a week now rather than everyday." Blaine, UK

Loogun, a must have

"From the first use for my husband and I, we literally fell in love with this wonderful tool. With every use I'm impressed all-over with the Loogun. Gone are the days of a disgusting toilet brush. In my opinion it is a must have for every household. I cant imagine our life without a Loogun ever again." Desiree, Belgium

"When our Good Housekeeping Institute testers tried the Loogun, it was very easy to use. Our verdict? A great hygienic alternative to the standard toilet brush." Verity Mann

"Why has nobody thought of this before?? Toilet brushes are vile. Think about it, we live in the 21st Century and yet the only clear solution we can think of when it comes to cleaning our toilets is a bacteria-coated brush which then rests in a puddle of dirty water." Thomas Tamblyn

"Loogun makes toilet cleaning less crappy. It's like a big dental WaterPik for your toilet that can blast detritus from your bowl, even below water." Steve Dent

"A Toilet Brush Alternative That Won't Make You Gag. The toilet brush is easily the most disgusting thing in your home. Think about it: You put the brush IN your dirty toilet, and then the dirty brush goes back in the holder where the grossness can fester until the next time you use it." Kim Fusaro

"Toilet Brushes Are Gross. Can This Water Gun Make Them Obsolete? The plastic toilet brush is a necessary evil that most of us begrudgingly purchase and prefer not to think about." Kristin Hohenadel

"The Toilet Brush Replacement That's Less Icky and More Fun. The key is that there aren't bristles, so it doesn't become laden with bacteria. Instead, the brush is replaced with an intense water jet." Simon Brew

"The Dyson of loo brushes" George Macdonald

"It's one of those tiresome chores - getting out the loo brush and scrubbing the toilet bowl." Daily Mail

"Stash this electronic brush by the toilet, and cleaning the loo will be as easy as pressing a button." Chicago Tribune

"It shoots an intense stream of water into the toilet bowl cleaning off any and all hangabouts both above and below the waterline without actually touching the surface of the crapper." TJ Dietsch

"With most Brits owning the necessary evil that is a toilet brush it's not surprising that almost a quarter say it is the most unhygienic thing in their home." Kelly-Ann Mills

"This 21st-century toilet brush spits out a powerful jet of water, making the entire process less gross." Metro