Getting started with your Loogun

Use high-drain batteries

While battery manufacturers don't make this obvious, almost all AA batteries are either made for use in low-drain or high-drain devices. Simply choosing a Duracell or Energizer battery is NOT going to work, you need to choose batteries made specifically for high-drain devices.

We've created a list of recommended batteries and a list of those you should avoid. Using a weak battery will simply mean your device will not operate at the required power level and you'll see reduced cleaning efficacy as well as using too much water.

We highly recommend you choose rechargeable batteries with an power output of at least 2,400 mAh. Be careful when buying your batteries as the same battery is often available in multiple power variants, so do check the mAh value carefully.

When it comes to batteries, Alkaline batteries continually drain their voltage, meaning that before long you'll experience reduced power from them. Rechargeable and Lithium batteries work differently, they maintain their full voltage output until such time as they have nothing left to give, this means that you get high output from them for much longer than you would from an Alkaline, making them a good choice for high-drain devices.

Inserting your batteries correctly

If you can hear the motor running but no water is coming out, your batteries are probably in the wrong way round. Inserting them backwards will cause the motor to run in reverse, so water won't be sprayed. Make sure that when they're in, your batteries look like the image below.

Lock the battery cover

Locking the cover ensures that children are protected from accessing batteries.

Don't force the reservoir

It may take a couple uses to get used to clipping the reservoir in and out of your Loogun. Don't force it in the wrong way as you'll damage it. Place the straight end in first, and then simply click it in gently.

Hold your Loogun in line with the toilet rim

There's no hard and fast rule about how to use your Loogun, you'll get the hang of it very quickly. To ensure you get the best performance, and to avoid splashing, hold the Loogun level with the toilet rim when spraying.


If you have any problems with your Loogun, please review our troubleshooting guide as it might be something easy to solve. If this fails please email our support team at [email protected] and we'll get you back on track in no time.

Enjoy your Loogun

Welcome to the world of contactless cleaning. We hope you never have to touch a filthy toilet brush again!