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  • Yes definitely, in fact, we are on a mission to get people using them not only in the Loogun, but in all their household products that currently use Alkaline batteries.

    If you're not familiar with NiMH batteries, the new varieties have exceptional storage capacity and life, and can be charged over 500 times. They don't cost much more than a standard Alkaline battery and they're made from non-toxic material that can be recycled without damaging the environment. 

    The most important thing to remember is that the Loogun is a high-drain device so make sure to check the power rating (mAh) of the battery, and that it's at least 2,300 mAh. The beauty of rechargeable batteries is that they maintain their output voltage until they totally run out of juice, so they perform well throughout the charge. In contrast, an Alkaline battery drains its power continuously, so if it starts at 1.5 volts, it will soon start delivering less as it loses power.

    Please consider using rechargeables in your devices as they're much better for the environment and they really have come a long way in recent years.

    A full list of recommended batteries and which to avoid is available on our blog.

  • When we started engineering we were planning to use rechargeable batteries, much like you get in an electric toothbrush. However, because you only need to use the Loogun for short bursts in order to clean the toilet, the actual power usage is very low per use.

    During our interval testing we had our assembly configured to pump fluid continuously out of a reservoir and back into the reservoir through the nozzle. This meant that no refilling was required. Using fresh AA batteries, we ran 15 minute continuous intervals and the current and voltage was noted between each interval. After interval 9, while dirt was still being adaquately cleaned off the surface, it was the minimum acceptable before the batteries would need replacing. Estimating the average time for each usage to be 30 seconds, this would indicate the total number of uses to be 270 on a single set of batteries, or 9 months if used once a day. 

    It is important to note that during these continuous tests, the batteries become warm and this affects the battery power considerably. In everyday use, less heat is generated therefore the batteries perform better than the above tests describe.

    While using prototypes in our homes, we've noted the batteries last around 8 months, but we tend to use the device a lot more than average due to ongoing testing.

    A full list of recommended batteries and which to avoid is available on our blog. It's important to always check that the batteries you're using are specifically designed for high-drain devices.

  • Yes. A toilet surface has a non-stick coating, so while a standard flush, which is generic in flow, may not clean debris off a surface, a directed spray performs very well. When a spray of water is both targetted and of sufficient velocity, it blasts straight through water and will clean the submerged surface. We've done a lot of engineering and testing to create the perfect level of power to achieve this.

    Our user research tells us that people don't want to see real-life footage of the Loogun in action due to it being unpleasant to watch. For this reason we have created videos of the Loogun spraying into a glass bowl instead. This shows how the spray cuts through water and bounces off the bottom surface.

  • No. The device is a hand-held, stand-alone unit, requiring no installation and no plumbing. This was one of our key criteria during design as we feel there are too many modern bathrooms that just wouldn't suit a plumbed-in product. You simply detach the water reservoir, refill it under any tap, and you're ready to go.

  • In terms of daily use, yes, the Loogun is a more pleasant solution for cleaning your toilet. Of course, when you do your weekly clean you will probably want to give the toilet a scrub with some bleach or another cleaning product, and you can use a cheap brush, or cloth, or steamer, for this. Depending on the type of water in your area, your weekly clean will also help prevent staining on your toilet.

    By using the Loogun, when it's time for the weekly clean your toilet will be free of organic matter, so you won't end up with a disgusting brush covered in filth, and you can safely store your cleaning materials in the cleaning cupboard.

  • The only way to buy a Loogun at the moment is via this website, and we ship them anywhere in the world.

    Our plan is to start selling them in retail stores within the next few months. As the Loogun is made available through other channels we'll list them on the website.