Beeline, a bicycle compass that’s more fun than a GPS

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I have to start by saying that I know founders Tom and Mark from Beeline personally. Beeline are also part of TrueStart so I met them following their successful Kickstarter campaign. In that sense we've had fairly similar paths in the early stages of our businesses.

That said, Beeline is just awesome, it's innovative, smart and fun, and I'm certainly looking forward to getting a production unit as soon as they arrive.

It's a device that mounts to your bicycle handlebars and guides you to your destination. Instead of telling you where to turn in the way a GPS does, it offers a 'compass' arrow that points to your destination along with a mileage counter that ticks down as you get closer.

It's controlled by an app on your phone and is simple to use. It's a great way to discover new places and with collective route data, the system will get smarter over time and open up more and more capability.

The guys are offering a 25% discount to anyone who subscribes to their email ahead of launch. If you're a commuter, it'll make your daily trip more interesting.