Quick Start Guide

This quick start guide relates to the Loogun 2.0 as shown in the image below. If you need help with a previous version (with detachable reservoir), please email [email protected] and we'll be happy to help.

Insert 4 x high drain AA batteries

Remove the battery cover using a coin and insert the 4 x AA batteries provided as shown in the photo below. Then replace the cover and turn the slot to secure it.

When replacing the batteries, choose batteries designed for high-drain devices as they create a powerful spray and will last the longest. Rechargeable batteries are the most economical and better for the environment. We wrote a blog post that includes a list of recommended high-drain batteries.

Fill the reservoir with clean tap water

Twist off the blue cap and fill the reservoir with clean tap water. When replacing the cap, ensure it is very tight as the device creates internal pressure and will leak if the cap is not tightly on. Try not to wet the device when filling it. A small funnel may be useful if your bathroom tap has a wide opening.

First create pressure, then spray

Hold the Loogun so that the nozzle is roughly level with the rim of the toilet. Aim the nozzle at the area you wish to clean and press the spray button halfway down for about 3 seconds, then press it down fully when you’re ready to begin spraying.

When you hold the button down half way, the device pumps air into the reservoir to pressurise it. This creates a powerful spray to ensure you can clean marks deep below the water.

While you're spraying, the pressure continues to build, so you should never need to pressurise it for more than a few seconds before you begin spraying.

Also, never submerge the Loogun in water, and it should never touch any part of the toilet, as the device is not fully waterproof. It should not be necessary to put the Loogun inside the toilet bowl.

Release the pressure before refilling

When you are ready to refill the reservoir, you will find it easier to remove the blue cap if you first release the pressure inside the tank. To do this, turn the Loogun so that the cap is facing upwards, and press the pressure release button on the cap.

When doing this, a small spray of water will escape, so you may find it useful to cover the cap with a small cloth or towel when releasing the pressure.

The Loogun should not splash

You should not experience any splashing from your Loogun. If you are, you may be holding the device too high above the toilet rim. Try holding it closer to the rim and you should get a better result. Certain angles will clean better than others, try experimenting to discover what works best on your toilet.

Loogun maintenance

When the power starts to fade to a level that the Loogun isn’t cleaning as well as normal, your batteries may be getting weak and you should replace or recharge them.

If you live in a hard water area, your Loogun may need descaling from time to time. The simplest way to do this is to fill the reservoir with distilled white vinegar, spray it through the device, then fill it with clean water and your Loogun will be ready to use again. If you can still smell the vinegar, just run some water through your Loogun and it should clear it.

Weekly toilet cleaning

The Loogun is designed for the daily cleaning of residue marks inside your toilet. This keeps the toilet clean and the bathroom free of a dirty brush. You should still sanitise your toilet, both the inside and outside, as normal to remove bacteria and/or hard water stains.

Precautions before use

These precautions enhance the use of your Loogun and protect you from injury. If you have questions about safe usage, please contact our customer support team.