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Throughout my career of over 20 years as an IT consultant, I always held a deep disdain for the toilet brush. It's a product that makes no sense: why clean one object and, in doing so, get another filthy and bacteria-coated, only to leave it standing next to the loo?! It's ludicrous.

In 2013, expecting my first child and kitting out a child-friendly home, I realised that everything else had been modernised, yet the filthy toilet brush hadn't been updated for nearly a century. Speaking to other parents, it became clear that many had to lock the brush away from their toddlers, and it led me to think about tackling the toilet brush in a completely different way. First, it had to be contactless - no more cleaning one thing by dirtying another. Second, it had to hygienic and safe for children. Third, it had to be attractive and pleasant to use.

A contactless jet of water

This led to the idea of cleaning the toilet bowl with a jet of water. The big question was whether a jet of water could clean a submerged surface without splashing. This is the thing most people are sceptical about before trying it themselves, and having bought and tested almost every liquid spraying device on the market, I believed it could be done.

Having spent a career working on internet based technology projects, the idea of creating a physical product sounded like an exciting challenge. Assembling a design and engineering team of five, we spent over two years and around 30 engineering iterations to get the Loogun ready for production. Using four AA batteries, the finished Loogun is capable of cleaning the toilet with a single jet of water to a depth of 15cm below the waterline, and is simple and pleasant to use.

The image below was our very first 3d rendering of the Loogun.

It all started with a Kickstarter campaign

In August 2015 we ran a Kickstarter campaign, a great way to see if people liked the concept and would be willing to support and pay for a Loogun. To our delight, over 1,600 Looguns were bought by people in 52 countries, and the first production batch was shipped to backers in July 2016. Our early backers are very special to us, having shared the journey from the start and supported us prior to it being a physical product. Following initial production challenges and a 6 month delay in our planned launch, we owe a huge thank you to our backers who remained patient throughout the process.

A new company with big ideas

Creating physical products is a serious challenge. The Loogun has a lot of moving parts, and hygiene is a very subjective topic, so we are forever looking for ways to improve the product, and to convince more and more people to change how they clean the toilet.

Our team is always open to ideas, thoughts and feedback so if you'd like to reach out, please drop us an email ([email protected]) and we'll get back to you right away.

Calan Horsman