Troubleshooting Guide

1) My Loogun is leaking from the blue cap

If this is happening, you need to make sure the cap is tightly closed. If the cap is not on tightly, as pressure is created inside the reservoir, water and air will escape through the cap. Tighten it fully.

2) The blue cap is difficult to open

Having the cap tightly on means it can require a bit of strength to remove the cap. Always start by pushing the pressure release button as this makes it easier to remove the cap. You can also try covering the cap with a small cloth or towel to make it easier to open.

3) The motor is not running

This is generally a battery problem, either that they've been inserted incorrectly, or that the batteries are flat. The motor won't run if the batteries haven't been installed correctly. Always make sure the flat side of the battery touches the spring on the battery contact, this is the same with all devices. The Loogun requires high-drain batteries, read more about the best batteries to use in your Loogun.

4) My Loogun is leaking

If your Loogun is leaking from the blue cap, see number 1 above. If it's leaking from anywhere else, please email [email protected] with a description of where it's leaking from, and we'll help resolve the problem.

5) My Loogun spray has become narrower, weaker or seems blocked

You could be experiencing limescale build up, especially if you live in an area with hard water. The easiest way to clear it is to run some distilled white vinegar through it. Simply fill your reservoir with the vinegar and run the entire reservoir through. Run some water through the Loogun when finished to remove the smell of vinegar.

If you're using anything in the reservoir that isn't liquid, such as diluting some sort of chemical, you may block the nozzle with a bit of debris. You'll need to clear this from the nozzle. Please be very cautious about using anything but water in your Loogun as you'll make the device unsafe for children.

6) I still have a problem I can't fix

If you have any problems you can't solve, please email our support team at [email protected] and we'll provide assistance straight away. We want your Looguns working perfectly so please contact us and we'll get you back on track.

7) My friends still use a toilet brush, what should I do?

Oh gosh, we're sorry to hear this and we feel your pain. The first thing to do is convince them to buy a Loogun. If this doesn't work you're probably hanging with the wrong crowd and should consider finding new friends. However, if they mean a lot to you and you can't bear to lose them, consider buying them a Loogun as a gift, nothing says I care quite like receiving a Loogun from a great friend.