Introducing the Loogun 2.0

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We have a very exciting announcement to make today. We're launching the all-new Loogun 2.0, a completely re-engineered version of the Loogun that is a huge improvement on our first version, and it's in stock now.

If you have used the original Loogun you may have identified aspects that needed improvement. Firstly, it was too loud, meaning it wasn't particularly discreet. We also made the reservoir detachable, which is great for aesthetics, but created a problem with spray faults and leaking, causing a defect rate of around 7%, and resulting in us not being able to sell the device in retail stores due to high return rates.

As a result of this, in mid-2017 we decided to start from scratch and re-engineer the Loogun from the ground up, keeping only the aesthetic. It's finally here, and it's awesome. It's more powerful, holds over double the water capacity and is whisper quiet during use.

Tackling noise with air pressure

To tackle the noise issue we discarded the peristaltic pump and gearbox, opting instead to use air pressure. Our new custom air pump pressurises the reservoir, creating a very powerful spray while being whisper quiet during use. I created the short video below showing the difference in the noise level between the Loogun 1 & Loogun 2. You’ll notice that when version 1 is spraying, the device is so loud it drowns out the noise of the spray, whereas with version 2, the device is so quiet you only hear the spray itself.

A big increase in power

Another benefit of choosing air pressure is that the spray is solid. If you listen to the version 1 spray in the video above, you’ll hear that the peristaltic pump actually pulses, meaning it continuously breaks the surface of the water and can splash a little in toilets where the water level is high. In version 2, however, the solid spray doesn’t continuously break the water surface, and therefore won’t splash regardless of how high the water level is. Due to this we've increased the power significantly, so Loogun 2.0 cleans much faster and more efficiently than ever before.

The new reservoir

The detachable reservoir was the main engineering defect in version 1. If there was a problem with the gasket, the reservoir wouldn't seal to the device tightly, and the Loogun could leak. With air in the system, this could also cause a weakened spray, or no spray at all. To remove this problem entirely, we have now integrated the reservoir into the device, with the additional benefit of being able to use more internal space for fluid capacity. The reservoir capacity has been increased from 270ml to 560ml, so it now holds more than double as much water as before and requires less refills.

The Nozzle

Our nozzle is a critical component of the Loogun. In order to deliver the precise amount of power, the nozzle must be an exact size. To put this in perspective, we test nozzle sizes in increments of 0.1mm and the differences between them are night and day in terms of cleaning efficacy and water usage. When plastic is injection moulded it has to cool when it's released from the mould. This can cause an imperfection in the nozzle, creating a spray that isn’t 100% straight, or that is slightly smaller than it should be. As part of our quality assurance, every nozzle now goes through a water spray test on a test jig prior to being approved for the assembly line. The new nozzle is bigger than before, which coupled with the increased power, provides a more efficient and faster clean.

The new battery cover

The battery cover no longer requires screws. The new cover has a coin slot that you simply turn to open and close, so changing batteries is now quicker and easier than ever. Battery life is a little less than in the previous version due to the more powerful motor being used, but you should still get around 6-8 months of usage from each set.

The same 12 month warranty

As with version 1, the Loogun 2 ships with a full 1 year warranty. It’s very important to us that everyone loves their Loogun, and if anything goes wrong with the device, we’ll replace it for you within a year of purchasing it.

Customer support

Due to being a small team, we manage all customer support via email, so if you have any questions or need any help, email our support team (support@loogun.com) and we’ll get straight back to you. Receiving your emails is how we stay on top of what people think of the Loogun and for those who have contacted support in the past, you’ll know that I answer almost all support queries personally.


So after nearly a year and a half, we’re very excited to be able to share the new Loogun and would love to hear what you think of it. Please do send us an email to let us know what you think.

Calan Horsman