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This statistic was part of a research study we did with Opinium Market Research that included over 2,000 British adults, with results that included statistics such as the following:

  • 20% of British adults don’t own a toilet brush
  • 26% think it’s the most unhygienic product in the home
  • 10% are appalled by the state of friends’ toilet brushes
  • 13% of British adults won't use a toilet brush as it's unhygienic
  • Only 6% of Londoners won't use a toilet brush, whereas 19% of Scots won't use one, and 24% of respondents from Brighton said they wouldn't use a brush. Leeds was next highest, with 22%
  • 24% of British adults can't recall when they last replaced their toilet brush, while another 16% only replace their brush every 2-5 years. By contrast, 9% of Londoners replace their toilet brushes every month and a further 11% replace their brushes every 2-3 months. Perhaps the most concerning number is that 11% of Welsh adults have never replaced their brush. Overall, 53% of us change our brush at least once a year

Probably more worrying, statistics on children concluded that 6% of British adults (not just parents), have caught a child playing with a toilet brush and that number rises to 14% in London.

In terms of toilet brushes in more public places, 20% of Brits cringe when having to use a toilet brush in a hotel. This number increases to 29% in London and 32% in Sheffield. Proving that life is never simple for hotels, another 19% of us are annoyed at hotels that don't provide toilet brushes, so it's a good thing that there's finally a hygienic solution created to solve this conundrum.