Mum catches toddler drinking water from the toilet brush holder

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Over the last few weeks we've heard some pretty crazy stories about parents, toddlers and toilet brushes.

A large percentage of the 850 people who have supported our Kickstarter campaign so far are parents. Through Facebook parenting groups, they have shared hair-raising stories of their children’s exploits with the dreaded toilet brush. From a boy who tried to brush his teeth with with one, to another found drinking the fluid from the toilet brush holder, leaving mum “emotionally scarred ever since”. Yet another mum recalls “I still remember the horror of finding my precious first born sucking merrily on a loo brush”.

We're hearing more and more similar stories every day, many of which are funny, but some like the ones mentioned above, are a little harder for parents to laugh off. We've had lots of parents talk about how their little ones have been caught painting the bathroom walls, and another who left the brush tucked into the sofa cushions.

It's been a busy few weeks for us running our Kickstarter campaign, and there are now just 10 days left before we can move ahead with production. We are grateful to every person who has either backed our project, or helped us by sharing it on their social media pages, it means the world to us to have gotten this far and to be in a position to bring our product to life.

One of the best parts of running a Kickstarter campaign is the knowledge you gain in a very short space of time. By interacting so closely with people on Facebook, we've learnt a huge amount about what people think of our product, what their current problems are, and how we can make it even better. This information is invaluable and will help shape our design and manufacturing as we prepare for our first production run.

Our campaign ends on August 9th, so if you haven't yet, please consider backing us.