Slate.com: Toilet Brushes Are Gross. Can This Water Gun Make Them Obsolete?

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The Loogun was featured on Slate.com today. It's always awesome to get featured on a website we've often visited ourselves.

"The plastic toilet brush is a necessary evil that most of us begrudgingly purchase and prefer not to think about. And although somebody is always trying to make this utilitarian household object more aesthetically pleasing by designing a fancy toilet brush vessel, reinventing it with a bristle-free redesign, or offering a flushable brush pad alternative, an innovative new concept from the U.K. currently raising funds on Kickstarter is trying to change the way we clean our toilets altogether."

"The Loogun promises to clean your toilet bowl with nothing more than a powerful jet of water."

"Most people use the same brush to dislodge unwanted residue and to deep clean the bowl. The hand-held, battery-operated Loogun isn’t promising to replace your toilet brush, but it’s a sleeker, more hygenic gadget for spot-cleanings, all for the not-so-low price of $42."