The Loogun 2.0 is now available at Amazon.co.uk

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Over the last couple of years we have sold the Loogun exclusively through our website and the occasional deal site. With the launch of the all-new Loogun 2.0, we will be looking to have them available more broadly through other retailers.

As of today, you can now buy the Loogun through Amazon.co.uk and as it is being fulfilled by Amazon, you can benefit from Prime delivery.

All Looguns ship with a full 1 year warranty for any defects. If you purchase one through Amazon and have any problems at all, please contact our support team directly ([email protected]) and we'll be happy to help resolve the issue.

If you do buy one through Amazon, please consider doing a review to let others know what you think of the new version.

Grab yours now at the link below.

Buy a Loogun at Amazon.co.uk