The Loogun is now an 'Amazon Choice' product

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It's been just over a month or so since we launched the new version of the Loogun on Amazon UK. Earlier this week Amazon awarded us the 'Amazon Choice' badge which broadly means it's a product that Amazon recommends as highly rated and that customers are satisfied with.

It's very rewarding to receive this after having had a few issues with the first version of the Loogun, and we thank everyone for all the amazing feedback you've been giving us.

Defect rate now under 2%

If you've followed Loogun since the beginning of our journey, you probably know we had a few problems with the first version of the device. Having a detachable reservoir created various problems with leaking, and for this reason we re-engineered the device from scratch in order to integrate the reservoir and remove this weakness entirely.

We're very happy with the new version, and have seen a total defect rate under 2%, which is incredible for the first production run on the new device, and even more so if you consider it includes both electrics and water. We believe we'll get this number to under 1% as the assembly line becomes more familiar with the device over time.

Have a great weekend everyone.