The world’s most beautiful toilet brush!

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Who would've thought I'd ever write a title quite as complimentary as that, given my absolute disdain for toilet brushes, and the fact that I will never ever buy a brush for as long as I live.

Saying that, I have to admit that as far as the design is concerned, the new Saku toilet brush from Cosmic, is the best looking brush I've ever seen. Designed by Ricard Ferrer, it uses a high quality soft-touch paint, achieving a silky touch to match the curved shape.

The design is sleek and modern, and it looks like something you need to pick up and touch. Of course in reality, if you did, you'd be faced with the bristle end of a device that's been used to scrape poop off a toilet and the novelty of it's beautiful casing would wear off pretty quickly, but I'm still giving them props for a design that would look good in any bathroom.