For 100 years we’ve cleaned the toilet with a brush. Isn’t it time for a change?

The Loogun is the hygienic, child-safe and chemical-free way to clean your toilet using nothing but clean water

London, June 29, 2021 - Everything in our home is being updated using modern design and new technology, yet we still keep a brush next to the toilet that is filthy, drips on the floor, and contains toxic chemicals. Catching your toddler holding a toilet brush is a parent’s worst nightmare. With the Loogun, you’ll never have to worry about this again.

The Loogun is entirely different. A device so hygienic your toddler can play with it. The Loogun is a hand-held motorised device that sprays a powerful jet into the toilet to clean stubborn marks off submerged surfaces with ease. It never touches the toilet so the device stays beautifully hygienic and enjoyable to use.

The neutral and sleek design looks good in any bathroom. It’s simple to use, requires no installation, and uses 4 x AA batteries which last for 9 months if used once a day. The reservoir holds 300ml of clean water, enough for around 6 uses, and it detaches with a simple click to make it easy to fill under any tap.

“I’ve always had a severe dislike for toilet brushes and seeing my toddler pick them up makes me cringe. I haven’t met a person yet who likes one so I set out to create a product that would make cleaning a lot less horrid. We hope people like it enough to support us on Kickstarter.”
Founder Calan Horsman

The Loogun team has spent 2 years in design and engineering, and have utility and design patents pending in 29 countries. To help fund the production costs, the team are aiming to raise £40,000 ($63,000) through a Kickstarter campaign that starts Tuesday, 30th June and will run for 40 days.


For more information or to request high res images or samples, please contact:
Kim Swead / / 07786 856075


Based in London, founders Calan Horsman and Henry Chamberlain are part of a team of five experienced engineers and product designers. The team has utility and design patents pending in 29 countries. Loogun launched on Kickstarter on 30th June 2015 and starts shipping to backers in June 2016.