04 November 2021 by Calan

We'd been looking for a nice way to display a collection of family photos on our walls for some time. We've previously used a combination of frames but for some reason we never really manage to it in a way that looks particularly nice, so we thought we'd try an IXXI.

The IXXI comprises any number of photo cards, attached together with small plastic connectors, and fixed to the wall using an adhesive strip. It's easy to install and looks really nice. The one you see in the photo above is ours, we have it in the kitchen and it gives us a lot of pleasure looking at pics of the family and from previous holidays. As you can see, I'm totally outnumbered by the girls in our home.

You can arrange your IXXI however you like, using a single card per photo, or spreading a single photos over multiple cards. You can continue to add to it over time so it can grow with you if you have the space to accommodate it.

We love ours, it's a unique take on making a collage out of your photos and it looks great in the kitchen.

See a few photos below taken from the IXXI website.