17 November 2021 by Calan

We're excited to announce that as of the last couple weeks, all Loogun orders for delivery within the UK and EU now ship with a free pack of Energizer Industrial AA batteries. These are the most powerful and best performing alkaline batteries in high-drain devices and they work nicely in the Loogun.

I wrote a post a few weeks ago in which I mentioned that some customers are using weak, or even used, batteries in their devices, and that it leads to them feeling like the device doesn't perform as well as it should. To ensure that this doesn't happen, especially once we start selling the Loogun in retail stores, we're including a free pack of good batteries with your device.

We currently can't add them to orders in other markets as we are not permitted to send batteries by air. We're adding them to future production orders directly from our factory though, which means we can include them in orders in the United States from early in the New Year. For orders to other countries, we can't send batteries by air at this time so your Loogun won't include its first set.